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Thu, Oct. 7th, 2004, 02:26 pm
the phenomenon known as bubble tea.

I recently had a very amusing experience which has slipped under the writing radar until now. While looking for fun and unusual ways to entertain a houseguest, I was reading an issue of a local periodical and found many "best of" poll results for various places in the city. Most of these things were like, "best place to get sushi," "best place to go bowling," "best place to get a french fry po-boy," but one of the ones that I stumbled upon was, "best place to get bubble tea." We were intrigued. There was a pleasant description, although no pictures. It didn't matter, though. We were hooked.

a full report on the raging phenomenon! includes illustrations!Collapse )


Looking back, I must confess that I have grown an immense love for boba and its fish-eyeball bubbles. My favorite is avocado smoothie and I've even tried durian! Not too bad, but not so great, either. Definately an experiment for the adventurous!